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Latest sex 3 - 30th, Mar 2014

This one was one that I can fall in love with. So I like it the picture on the social site, the webcam, and also his presence when we had meet. But the problem was that he had a friend with him. So we had a group sex had they like it, in all my holes. They had ejaculating 3 times every of them, still also having problem using condom. But their presence was more agreable and they didnt went so in hurry to do everything so fast, so was fine, I can tell. Still, Im not sure that I want to meet this guy. For his friend for sure no, as I think now. For him, I am in doubt because he propose me to go to work in a streaptease club, and as we all know, in fact to work in a such a club means to be a prostitute. So I am kind unhappy because I didnt really knew any men to really like me or to care for me, and to wish all the good things in life for me.
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